Canon 120MP DSLR Under Development


As if the Canon EOS 5Ds wasn’t enough already at 50MP, Canon has announced that it is developing a 120MP DSLR.

Canon says that “[t]he camera under development is being designed to facilitate a level of resolution more than sufficient for large-format printing and extensive cropping capability while maintaining fantastic image quality.”

Canon notes that the camera is built for the current EF system lenses; however, it will apparently not be compatible with all of the lenses in the Canon EF line. According to a footnote in Canon’s press release, “Out of the 96 lenses that make up the EF lens lineup, 60 models will be compatible with the [new 120MP DSLR].” [Read more…]

Canon Has Produced 110 Million EF Lenses (but is slowing down)

Canon 110 Million EF Lenses

On June 22, 2015, a Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens rolled off the production line as the 110,000,000th lens in the EF-series product line.

Canon began producing EF lenses for the Canon EOS system in 1987 and, by 1995, had produced 10 million lenses. Canon has reached each 10 million lens production mark faster than than last with the exception of a measurable decline for the last two milestones. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas! Canon Exec Confirms High Resolution Camera Coming Soon


Not quite a Christmas Miracle, but it’s about as close as Canon users are going to get today…

Canon Inc.’s senior exec Maeda Masaya confirms again that Canon is working on a new high resolution camera that will maintain per pixel quality while increasing the resolution. He says this camera is coming soon. [Read more…]