Canon 5D Mark II Does the Bellagio Fountains

I couldn’t resist doing a video with the 5D Mark II and EF 17-40mm f/4 L of the Bellagio fountains while in Vegas for PMA. Unfortunately, the embedded version is nowhere near as crisp as the original file. You can see a higher quality version on the actual YouTube page here (just click the HQ icon).

I would love to share the original file; however, it is 1.23 GB, which is larger than the online video sharing that I know of will allow. The version that I uploaded to YouTube was compressed to 883MB.

Does anyone know of a free solution to get the original video file online? I just don’t have enough bandwidth to share it on my server.

UPDATE: Here’s the original 1.23GB file as hosted on DropBox. Right click and “Save As…”