Canon Dust Delete and Mapping for Video Files

Canon has a Dust Delete Data process in its recent EOS DSLRs.  Essentially, this process records where the sensor dust is located on your camera’s image sensor and appends that information to each image file.  This file appendage is then interpreted by Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software and applied to the imported images in order to automatically remove dust spots from your images.  Canon says this is for RAW and JPEG images only – not H.264 video files.

The recent surge in video recording capabilities for DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark II, Rebel T1i and Canon 7D have made it apparent that similar technology is needed for video files.  As far as I can determine, this technology is not available in-camera yet.  From my limited knowledge of video post-processing, it is possible to remove dust spots, hot pixels and the like from video files, but it is not an ideal solution and must be done in post-processing.  However, that is something that Canon aims to change. [Read more…]