Dust-Aid Introduces Dust-Shield, Dust-Swabs and Dust-Jet

Dust-Aid has 3 new products appearing at PMA which are designed to help you get or keep dust off your DSLR sensor. More details and images from Dust-Aid’s press release below.


Bend, Oregon- February 17, 2009- Today DUST-AID introduced several new DSLR camera sensor filter dust prevention products and cleaning products; the Dust-Shield is focused on the prevention of dust by blocking particulates from entering the mirror chamber, the Dust-Swabs with Sensor Light is an illuminated swab for shining light and cleaning a sensor filter in a dark mirror chamber, and the Dust-Jet which contains a replaceable filter to clean air blown through the bellows of the blower. These new products deliver breakthrough features that make them truly unique products.

Preventing DSLR mirror chamber dust just got easier with Dust-Shield.

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