Apple iPad, Photos and Camera Connectivity

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is a newly-announced tablet device that comes down somewhere in between an iPhone and a netbook in terms of its features and interface.  There is plenty of buzz, both love and hate, for the new device.

One of the features that may attract some photographers is a built-in app called Photos.  Bear in mind though that the iPad does not offer a built-in camera, oddly enough.  However, the app for organizing, importing and sharing photos is worth a look on its own merit. [Read more…]


Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Announced

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3

Corel has announced the latest version of its PaintShop software for digital image post-processing.  PaintShop Photo Pro features a new organizer for rating and tagging photos, as well as RAW image conversion, along with a number of other features.  The new software retails for $100. Check availability on

More details about PaintShop Photo Pro X3’s features in the press release below. [Read more…]

“Chicken vs. Penguin” Wins $100,000 from Nikon

Nikon just announced the winners of the Nikon Festival contest, which was searching for the best short film in an effort to promote new Nikon DSLRs with D-Movie functionality.

You can see the winning video above, “Chick vs. Penguin,” and check out more details about the winner Marko Slavnic, as well as word on the fan favorite award and more in the press release below. [Read more…]

Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 Rain Cover

Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia 70-200 Rain Cover

Think Tank Photo has released the Hydrophobia 70-200 rain cover for DSLRs with smaller lenses attached than the previously released 300-600 version. The new Hydrophobia 70-200 comes in two models, one with the flash tower and one without the flash tower.

The version with the flash tower runs $145, while the one without the flash tower is $139.

The Hydrophobia 70-200 is one of the items that Photography Bay readers can purchase and qualify for a free bag from Think Tank Photo.  Essentially, spend $50 or more on gear from Think Tank Photo, and during checkout, their system will automatically let you select a free camera bag (e.g., Lens Changer 50) along with your order.  Go to Think Tank Photo using this link and follow the on-screen instructions to get a free bag.

Full details are in the press release below. [Read more…]

Canon Patent Application Shows Sensor-Based Image Stabilization

Canon Sensor Stabilization

In addition to the dual image viewfinder system in the recently-published Canon patent applications, the Canon applications also reveal a mechanism for sensor-based image stabilization in a DSLR.  Again, the application numbers are 12/495,813 and 12/495,814, and were each filed on July 1, 2009 and published by the USPTO on January 7, 2010.

The relevant description in the patent notes the following:

“The camera performs an image capturing operation.  In this state, an image stabilization mechanism, which is connected to the stabilization control circuit, can shift and rotate the image sensor in a predetermined direction to cancel the blur of an image.  Thus, the image stabilization mechanism can prevent the image from shifting undesirably and lowering the resolution.” – USPTO App. No. 12/495,813 at ¶ [0049]

Again, these patent applications specifically deal with the functionality of a dual image viewfinder system.  This portion of the patent claims was mentioned almost in passing and does not appear to be a material part of these patent applications.

Given Canon’s past marketing claims concerning the superiority of lens-based stabilization systems, however, I found this mention in Canon’s patent worth noting separately.

As I have said before though, this does not necessarily mean that Canon is producing a camera with a sensor-based stabilization system.

For more reading on these patent applications, see the previous post: Canon DSLR Dual Image Viewfinder