DJI’s Phantom X Concept Video Imagines the Future of Drones

DJI recently released this Phantom X Concept video, which casts a bright vision on the not-so-distant future of drones. From hands-free operation to an almost voyeuristic concept of social followers. It is equal parts inspiring and scary.

As we know, drones are going to be huge in the coming months and years. It’s a massive growth segment in tech right now and is just barely off the ground. So many changes in the past couple of years serve as a signal to just how wide open this market is.

DJI has a massive lead in the market but expect other manufacturers to be on its heels and pushing innovation industry-wide over the next few years.


Casey Neistat: DJI Osmo is Vlogging Camera from the Future

DJI Osmo 15

Unveiled back at CES 2015, the DJI Osmo just went on sale with its integrated 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal for $649.

Vlogger extraordinaire, Casey Neistat, just got his hands on the new DJI Osmo and declares it a vlogging camera from the future. Check out his first impressions as he opens up the box and starts playing with the Osmo in his vlog from today below.

Lots of great points in there and a market I hadn’t considered for the Osmo. In addition to the basic 4K version that Casey talks about, you can buy a version of the Osmo that works with the Zenmuse X5 RAW camera/gimbal for higher-end cinematic productions.