eStarling TouchConnect Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

I’ve tried a number of digital photo frames; however, I’ve always hated the process of updating the photos by putting files on an SD card and then having to transfer them over to the internal memory of the frame. eStarling may have a solution with their new TouchConnect Wi-Fi photo frame.  This new frame allows you to update your frame wirelessly and automatically through a variety of online services.

The eStarling TouchConnect boasts integration with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, RSS Feeds and Gmail. With an easy, one-time set up an eStarling TouchConnect can receive photos (and videos up to 20MB in size if e-mailed to the corresponding Gmail address) from all these places as they are posted. And with 802.11n WiFi, a touch-sensitive screen and automatic over-the-air firmware updates, the eStarling TouchConnect is one of the most user friendly frames on the market. -eStarling

The eStarling TouchConnect is available from Adorama at a current price of $200.


New ViewSonic Digital Photo Frames

ViewSonic launched a couple of new photo frames today in time for holiday shoppers to get their hands on them. Some highlights about the new ViewSonic DPG801BK and DPG807BK:

  • Include SwifTouch touch-screen technology that provides a clutter- and smudge-free display with hidden control buttons
  • Has a 4:3 aspect ratio, minimize distortion and provide crisp, high-quality images in a variety of formats, including JPEG and BMP
  • Has 512MB internal memory, which means the frames can display and rotate thousands of photos
  • Supports multimedia and also includes clock, alarm and calendar functions
  • Available online at and ViewSonic’s Web site

You can check out the following press release for more info. [Read more…]