Canon Mirrorless Lens Adapter Revealed in Patent

Canon Mirrorless Patent

The Canon mirrorless camera rumors continue to swirl with a Japanese patent from Canon.  The patent appears to call for a lens adapter between a Canon mirrorless camera body and existing EF lenses.  The lens adapter seems to communicate aperture control between the two.  No word on focus control though.

[via Photo Rumors]


Canon and Nikon Refurbished Deals at Adorama

Adorama has a fresh stock of refurbished Canon and Nikon gear.  Some deals are better than others, like the Canon 70-300mm IS lens that’s a full $100 lower than the new lens runs.  Check out the links below for the complete listings.

Canon refurbished cameras and lenses

Nikon refurbished cameras and lenses

Hasselblad Changes Owners, Moving Into New Markets

Hasselblad was recently acquired by a Swiss and German private equity group.  Interestingly, in the press release announcing the acquisition, Hasselblad’s Chairman and CEO said the company would continue its high-end medium format production but would also focus on “exploiting the potential we see in brand new markets.” [Read more…]

Ricoh Buys Pentax

Hoya has announced that it will be selling Pentax’s camera business to Ricoh.  The deal should take effect on October 1, 2011 and is reported to be a $124 million selling price.

Interestingly, Ricoh has a history with the Pentax K-mount.  My first SLR was a Ricoh KR-Super II (shown above), which is a K-mount camera that was basically a Pentax K1000 knockoff.  Who knew that a couple of decades later Ricoh would acquire the K-mount system for its own? [Read more…]