Nikon D900

Not a Nikon D900 Seriously? Another Nikon model number? I think we may now have more “rumored” camera models from Nikon than current generation models. We’ve seen rumors about the D90, D800, D3x and now the D900.

The only reason the Nikon D900 is getting the light of day here is because Thom Hogan is leaning toward a D900 model over the introduction of a D3x. He said:

I’m going to go a different direction: no D3x. Yes, a 24mp FX body, but it’ll be the D900. This allows them to use the Sony sensor and bring it downscale to compete with the A900/5DII.

Thom’s usually got a pretty good ear to the ground on these things, so there may very well be something to the D900 (or maybe a D800).