Nikon D610 Confirmed to Solve Sensor-Spot Problems of D600

Nikon D610

Roger Cicala over a Lens Rentals, who initially brought to the D600 sensor-spot problems to the forefront, has evaluated several Nikon D610 bodies using the same testing methods. The initial conclusion is the the new shutter in the D610 has, in fact, solved the problem that plagued the D600.

Of course, Nikon has never acknowledged a problem with the D600. It just introduced the D610 a year later that is virtually the same camera with the new shutter mechanism. You can read Roger Cicala’s full report here at Lens Rentals.

Nikon D600 Fire Sale – New Bodies for $1679; Kits for $1929

Nikon D600

I figured we would see this soon. Adorama has a deal on the Nikon D600 with the 24-85mm VR lens for $1929.95 (reg. $2696.95). Check it out here at Adorama.

Also, if you just want the body, the D600 is available for $1679 here at Adorama (reg. $2096.95).

These are new (not refurbished) units. No word on how long these deals will last.

Note that you have to use the above links to see the deal price. Otherwise, it’s $2296.95 for the kit and $1896.95 for the body if you look it up on the site.