Nikon “Big” Ad

Nikon Rumors came up with the above image, which is purportedly from a Nikon ad in Japan.  The Japanese letters are believe to translate as “big”.

I don’t think that’s an MF sensor, which seems a little inconsistent with the previous “Big” and “MX format” rumors.  Although, those two things could be separate I suppose.  If this is legit, it seems like it would be the Nikon 24MP camera that we’ve been hearing about for a while.

What do you think?


Nikon’s BIG News

Something BIG is coming from Nikon.  In a not-so-subtle ad that Nikon placed in Rangerfinder Magazine, Nikon notes that it’s got some “BIG” news for wedding and portrait photographers, which it plans on bringing along the MGM Grand Arena at WPPI in February 2009.

Additionally, the ad reveals that Nikon will unveil the BIG news “next month.”  I can’t imagine that this boastful ad could be a reference to anything other than the 24+ megapixel Nikon D3x (or whatever it will be called) announcement at Photokina 2008, which will obviously be shown off to WPPI attendees at the BIG advertised event next February.

What do you think?

[via Nikon Rumors]

Nikon D3x and D90 Updates

Thom Hogan has piped up on with some thoughts and possible insider info on the coming Nikon D3x and D90 cameras.  Word is that a D3x with the rumored 24+ megapixels should be announced around Photokina in September.  The D80 replacement (the D90) may creep out past Photokina (perhaps PMA 2009).

I received a message out of Japan that the high-resolution camera is in the D3 body. I trust that message more than my guess, though please note that having one (usually good) source does not mean something is verified. . . .  It seems that a D80 replacement should also be in that set of announcements, which should come just before Photokina, but we just haven’t seen any of the kinds of leaks and rumors we have with previous consumer bodies out of Thailand, so maybe the D80 replacement is going to be later than Photokina.

I don’t have any insider info myself; however, my money is on a for sure showing of the D3x (or whatever they call it) at Photokina.  I’m also starting to wonder whether or not Nikon will replace the Nikon D80 at all.  I’m beginning to think that they’ll let the D40/D60 line handle the entry-level consumer and let the D70/D80 line die off.

More Rumors on Nikon D90, D10 & D3x

Earlier this week, Thom Hogan had some more insight on the new releases from Nikon for 2008.  Specifically, he noted on his site that Nikon gave an indication of low projected unit volume in the coming year.  He noted that Nikon’s commentary on this projection was that Nikon would focus on “upper end” cameras this year.  Thom noted futher how this was consistent with the rumors of the Nikon D3x.  Still, Thom notes, that doesn’t rule out the introduction of a Nikon D90 or a mid-level Nikon D10.  Both of these models are certainly higher up the food chain than the Nikon D40/D40x/D60 that have pushed Nikon up in the market over the past year or so.

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