Custom SLR’s ProDot is a Cushion for Your Shutter Release

Custom SLR ProDot

Custom SLR is aiming to improve the “feel” of your shutter release with its latest invention – the ProDot.

The ProDot is a textured, press-on dot that adheres to the shutter button in order to provide finite control and finger-padding.  The ProDot was initially crafted to provide photographers a seamless shutter-release free of residual tremors; however, the Custom SLR folks envision a market for all routine button pushers (e.g., mouse buttons). [Read more…]

Custom SLR M-Plate Mini Announced

Custom SLR has announced the M-Plate Mini alongside its already popular M-Plate Pro. The M-Plate Mini is a universal camera tripod plate with the an integrated tripod mount to work with most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections, and modular attachment points for accessories.

The M-Plate Mini retails for $49.95.  More details available on Custom SLR’s website.

Custom SLR Bringing Back the Black C-Loop Camera Strap Mount

 Custom SLR Black C-Loop

In response to popular demand, Custom SLR is bringing the black C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution back through a partnership with, the daily deal site where the C-Loop will be available in this returning color way exclusively for a discounted price of $35 until September 6, 2012. [Update: Here’s a link to the deal page at]

After its initial run with PhotoWhoa, the black C-Loop will be sold through the Custom SLR website for $39.95 (same as the current silver C-Loop).  If you’ve never seen the C-Loop before, check out the demo video below.