Corel Takes Another Stab at Lightroom’s Market Share with AfterShot Pro 2

AfterShot Pro 2

Corel AfterShot Pro was hyped as a serious Lightroom competitor when it was announced over two years ago. While the program received a few updates along the way, it was quickly forgotten and written off by most photographers. Adobe’s Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture were just too well oiled to let AfterShot Pro in the door. However, that hasn’t stopped Corel from building a better version of AfterShot Pro. [Read more…]


Corel Releases 64-bit PaintShop Pro X6

PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate

Corel recently updated PaintShop Pro with a 64-bit version. PaintShop Pro X6 now supports 64-bit processing and is proudly available from Corel as a perpetual license application, as communicated in Corel’s press release and in correspondence from Corel’s PR department (take that as a direct shot at Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription-only licensing).

If’ you’ve been looking for Photoshop alternatives, this might be worth a closer inspection for the price and performance. It even opens your .PSD files if you drop your Photoshop subscription… [Read more…]

Corel AfterShot Pro Update Adds Raw Support for 37 New Cameras

Corel AfterShot Pro

Apparently, the backlash from Adobe’s recent Creative Cloud subscription announcement has lit a fire underneath Corel and its development team.

Corel has started pushing harder into the photography market (they need to keep pushing and push harder) with advertising and brand awareness, and now we are starting to see some actual product moves happening (note to Corel: you need to keep this up and do more if you want to earn the trust for photographers to rely on you for their workflow needs).

In the past few days, Corel released an update to AfterShot Pro (version, which is an alternative to Adobe Lightroom (see my initial impressions of AfterShot Pro when it was released last year). The update provides raw file support for the following cameras: [Read more…]

Corel Paint it! Show for iPad

Corel Paint it! Show is a new photo-painting slideshow app for the iPad that lets you “Select an album from your Facebook account or images from your iPad, start the slideshow and let Corel Paint it! Show do the rest. You can also save your favorite painted images on your iPad, post them to your Facebook account, or email them to friends and family.”

The new app is available from the iTunes store for $0.99.  More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 Announced

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3

Corel has announced the latest version of its PaintShop software for digital image post-processing.  PaintShop Photo Pro features a new organizer for rating and tagging photos, as well as RAW image conversion, along with a number of other features.  The new software retails for $100. Check availability on

More details about PaintShop Photo Pro X3’s features in the press release below. [Read more…]