Corel Announces Support for Wacom Intuos4 Tablet

Ottawa, ON – March 26, 2009 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CREL; TSX: CRE) today announced its support for the new Wacom® Intuos®4, providing significant creative support and workflow advantages for artists using Corel® Painter(TM) 11. Together, Corel Painter 11 and the Wacom Intuos4 offer a heightened level of realism in digital art through unparalleled creative options, optimal control, and interactivity. [Read more…]


Corel Painter 11

Corel released Painter 11 today, which builds upon the prior versions and promises to deliver more advanced features.  According to Corel, the new pressure-sensitive brushes allow hand and brush to fluidly work as one, producing brushstrokes that are unrivaled in texture and precision.  Color management has also been improved to cater to the needs of photographers.  It is available for download from at $399 for the full version and $199 for the upgrade.  Boxed versions are also available.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]