Picture Defense is a website that is designed to help photographers take action to have their stolen images removed from the infringing websites hosting such images. The site was created by Jimmy Beltz from and I think he’s done a bang up job on walking us through sending out proper DMCA letters to protect our images. [click to continue…]

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Sugar Factory Copyright Infringement

Back in February, Sugar Factory stole at least one of Ryan Doco Connors’ photos, using it on a t-shirt that it sold in its online store. When Connors called them out on it, he was told that Theft Sugar Factory had a legal right to use it because they changed it by 40%, which is a load of crap (legally speaking).

Instead of launching an expensive legal campaign to exercise his rights, Connors did a photo shoot in honor of Sugar Factory’s theft. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

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Google has announced a new “Search by Image” feature that allows you to start with a photo to conduct your searches online.

Google uses a photo either via link or uploaded to the service and tries to find similar results.  Here’s how Google explains it: [click to continue…]

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Rolling Stone points out photographers’ dilemma going on right now with regard to photographing Lady Gaga’s concerts.  In order to be permitted to shoot the concert, some photographers are required to sign an egregious rights-grab photo release.

There are a couple of provisions that are simply ridiculous from the photographers’ standpoint. [click to continue…]

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This is an interesting story of a man who has had his image stolen from his Flickr account and used thousands of times.

What would you do?

[via FStoppers]

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