Sony Set to Launch an APS-C G1 X Competitor?

Canon G1 X

Sony Alpha Rumors is pegging a compact Sony APS-C camera that will go head-to-head with the Canon G1 X.  Reportedly, the camera would use a pancake zoom lens to keep the size down.

I think Sony has a great thing going with the NEX line. So, I’m very interested to see what such a camera could add to Sony’s lineup.  If anything, I think a fixed-lens camera seems more accessible to a larger market.  This isn’t necessarily in terms of price (the Canon G1 X isn’t cheap), but rather in terms of perceived user experience. [Read more…]


Samsung MV800 Ultra-Compact with Flip-out LCD

Samsung MV800

The Samsung MV800 is a new point and shoot camera with a 16.1MP image sensor and 5x optical zoom lens.

The MV800 features a unique flip-out LCD panel that allows the user to easily frame themselves in self-portraits.  The LCD is a 3-inch touchscreen panel which serves the purpose of a viewfinder and camera control interface, which explains the absence of most other buttons on the external of the camera.

No word on the price or release date for the MV800 as of the time of this post.  Check availability on

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Samsung WB750 Point & Shoot Camera Announced

Samsung WB750

The Samsung WB750 is a point and shoot camera that features a 12.5MP back side illuminated CMOS sensor and an 18x optical zoom lens.

The WB750 can record 1080p HD video and, at the same time, capture 10MP images without interrupting the video capture.  The camera features an HDR mode that merges multiple exposures in camera.  Additionally, the WB750 offers a variety of creative in-camera processing features for interesting filter or frame effects.

No word yet on price or release date.  Check availability on

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Nikon Coolpix P7100 RAW Shooter and AW100 Rugged Cameras Leaked

Nikon Coolpix P7100 and AW100

Nikon Coolpix P7100 and AW100

The Nikon Coolpix P7100 and AW100 surfaced this afternoon on Nikon Rumors a little while before their anticipated unveiling later tonight/tomorrow.

The P7100 looks to be the replacement for the rather sluggish Coolpix P7000.  However, Nikon may very well have boosted the performance of the P7100 so that its a viable option for those who want an advanced compact.

The P7100 is rumored to included the following specifications: [Read more…]