ColorRight v.4 Custom White Balance Tool

The ColorRight custom white balance tool has been updated to a 4th version, which features a semi-transparent plastic center piece, instead of glass in the former version.  Likewise, the outer ring is now a hard plastic shell instead of metal.  (Update: The ring is metal, but it feels better than the old version.) [Read more…]


ColorRight Review at Wired

Wired has posted a quick review of the ColorRight white balance tool.

Results in the field are fantastic; we had no issue with balancing various hues up perfectly. And though it may sound a bit complicated to work through, it’s not – once you nail the process it takes mere seconds to dial the right color balance.

Also, check out Photography Bay’s in-depth ColorRight Review.

ColorRight MAX

Remember ColorRight, the cool little white balance filter-like device that makes custom white balance a breeze? (Read the ColorRight review.)

Well, the folks at ColorRight have an updated version called ColorRight MAX. It offers the same reflective light custom white balance settings that it handled before. Now, however, you can tweak white balance for different skin tones by just clicking on the appropriate white balance reference in your RAW editor.

Frankly, ColorRight MAX does more than I need it to do. It is definitely more “pro” oriented than the original ColorRight (which is still available and, as far as I know, will remain available). However, those of you who can use this tool will immediately understand how that it can help your work flow.

Essentially, you’ll have your model hold the ColorRight MAX while you capture a reference shot that you’ll revisit in post-processing, then you go on with the rest of your shoot. When you’re in post, you pull the reference shot up and can use the dropper tool to select the appropriate white balance from the ColorRight MAX’s skin tone references.

Here’s an image and description from ColorRight:

The revolutionary skin tone selector is on the back side of COLORRIGHT MAX. This new patent pending method of providing pleasing skin tones for people of all different skin tones. The skin tone selector provides 6 one click skin patches for proper, and pleasing, skin color. As you can see in the image above, these 6 patches are arranged like pie slices in a semi-circle. Patches for people with lighter skin tones are found on the left side, while darker skin tone patches are located on the right. Medium skin tone patches are found in the center.

In addition to the 6 skin patches, the top half of the above image shows off the 2 guaranteed neutral gray references.

One of the best examples that I’ve seen for use of the ColorRight MAX was at a wedding reception, where the photographer grabbed a quick shot of someone holding the ColorRight MAX before leaving for the evening. It gave him a great reference for all the images shot under that light at the reception. (See the Jamie Roberts review link below.)

Again, I don’t see this as the perfect tool for every prosumer photographer out there, but many photographers will “get it” immediately and see the benefits in their work flow. I see wedding and portrait photographers as two broad classes of potential ColorRight MAX users. Even if you don’t use the skin tone and neutral reference patches on every shoot, the MAX still functions like the traditional ColorRight too.

You can learn more about the ColorRight MAX at the ColorRight website. Also, see Jamie Roberts’ review of the MAX, which shows off some real world examples of how he incorporated the device in his work flow.

ColorRight Giveaway Contest

Time for the next giveaway here on Photography Bay.

This time, Photography Bay is handing out 3 ColorRight custom white balance tools.  I recently reviewed ColorRight and fell in love with it (read PB’s review), so I asked if I could have a few samples of this $90 device to give away to you guys.  I’ve got them and now you get a chance to pick one up for free.  Even shipping is on Photography Bay.

What do you have to do to win?

Post at least one post in the Photography Bay Forum describing/listing your gear OR posting an image for a critique – prior to midnight (EDT) on October 10, 2008.

That’s it.

I’ve already made a couple of threads that Canon and Nikon users can post their gear to.  If you own other gear, drop it into a new thread in one of the other forum categories.

Not a member yet?  You can register here.

Prize Announcement and Details

Winners will be selected at random on October 11, 2008.  The winners’ forum usernames will be posted to the front page of Photography Bay.  I will also contact those members by the email used to register in the forum for shipping information.  Photography Bay will cover the shipping charges to anywhere in the world that you are legally permitted to receive prizes from contests/drawings.

Winners will have one week to reply with valid contact information.  If I don’t receive a response, the prize will go to another forum member.

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Special Thanks To:

The ColorRight team for building a great product and opening their arms to Photography Bay readers.

Other Stuff

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