Zacuto Quick Draw DSLR Rig Review

The Zacuto Quick Draw is basically a trimmed-down version of the Zacuto Striker (without the shoulder stock), and actually I don’t even know that you can pick up the Quick Draw as a standalone product anymore.  Nevertheless, Zacuto prices have dropped, and the Striker kit is even in a relatively reasonable price range now.

As far as simple, low-key DSLR support goes, I’m a big fan of the Quick Draw.  I didn’t really think that would be the case going into my use of this rig since it didn’t include a shoulder support.  However, after getting used to the kit with my 5D Mark II, I was very pleased with the flexibility of the Quick Draw.

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PluralEyes Review

This is for all of you guys out there trying your hand at working with DSLR video.

If you’ve tried working with multiple video and audio tracks in a non-linear editor, then you know what a challenge that it can be to sync up the audio wave forms among different tracks.  It’s not necessarily hard to do manually, but it can be tedious and time consuming when you start piling on cameras and audio-recording sources.

Enter Singular Software’s PluralEyes.

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A Couple More Sony NEX-VG10 Topics

First up, I’ve got a more in-depth overview of the Sony NEX-VG10 over at Tech Tilt.

And second, I just wanted to point out that the location product shots of the NEX-VG10 appear to have been captured with a Sony A850 and Zeiss lenses.  I realize that’s not quite as juicy as a 5D Mark II on Sony’s set (and I’m sure this will generate the obligatory “who cares” comment), but I figured I’d give Sony a bit of credit where credit is due.