Canon Rebel XSi Steal at $599.99

Dell has a killer deal on the Canon Rebel XSi at $599.99 after $80 off with coupon code $GLW7$3SFZ930$

It was a great deal a couple weeks back when it was $629.99 for a day. This is awesome though, particularly considering that Amazon is selling it for $654.95.  I paid $900 for this kit 6 months ago – *sigh.

You must use the coupon code above to get your $80 off. The promotion is good through October 30, 2008 or after 500 purchases, whichever comes first.

Nikon D700 Gets $300 Price Drop

Good news for those of you that weren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on the Nikon D700.  It looks like we’ll be seeing the Nikon D700 selling for $2699 or less for the foreseeable future.

Although I haven’t seen an official statement from Nikon on the price drop, many trusted retailers have already implemented it.  Amazon’s actually got it priced much less for the time being.

Here’s a rundown of the sale prices at trusted online retailers (as of the time of this posting):

Amazon – $2519.97

Adorama – $2679.00

B&H Photo – $2699.95

Ritz Camera – $2699.95

Sony A350 In Stock and Shipping

It looks like Amazon has updated the Sony A350 to “In Stock” and ready to ship.  However, this only applies to the standard A350 kit with the 18-70mm lens.  The body only and the 2 lens kit still show a release date of April 25.

For more info on the Sony A350, visit Photography Bay’s Sony A350 Reviews & Resources page.  Also, be sure to check back soon.  I’ll get started on a review as soon as my A350 arrives.