Chase Jarvis and Vincent Laforet Talk About Filmmaking and Photography

If you’ve got half an hour to spare, the above video features a great casual conversation between Chase Jarvis and Vincent Laforet.  There are lots of little nuggets of wisdom in here, and it’s just fun to hear the guys talk shop for a while.  You can find the full 2-hour version on iTunes as a podcast.

If you want more of the nuts and bolts of HDSLR technique, check out the recent creativeLIVE course taught by Laforet.  It’s about 20 hours of content for $149.


The Best Camera Coming to Android Phones

I sat down to watch the Chase Jarvis and Zack Arias live interview session late one night last week.  While I watched a recorded version of it, they were taking Twitter questions during the live stream.  One question asked Chase whether The Best Camera app would be coming to Android.  I don’t recall his exact words, but Chase’s response made it clear that The Best Camera is in the works for Android.  No details of availability dates were spilled, and really, the comments about the app were just for a few seconds, but it appears to be on the way nonetheless.

I’m not sure where the video was at when Chase discussed this (it’s probably in the last 45 minutes or so), but feel free to add the time stamp in the comments if you catch it.

Chase Jarvis creativeLIVE Launches

Chase Jarvis has launched a new online learning resource for photographers and other imaging professionals – creativeLive.  This is quite a bit more ambitious than Chase’s iPhone app, The Best Camera.  Like his iPhone camera though, creativeLIVE has a rather unique tilt to it, in that it’s free to watch the sessions when they are live.  If you want to watch them later, you can download individual classes for later viewing or if your schedule doesn’t permit you to be at your computer for live viewing.

creativeLIVE has an all-star cast of instructors coming up over the next couple of months, including Vincent LaForet on shooting video with DSLRs, Scott Bourne on Aperture 3, and Zack Arias on Studio Photography.  And, next week, after the CS5 launch, there’s a whole group of classes planned for learning the new stuff in the CS5 suite.

creativeLIVE looks like a great learning resource.  Hopefully, the business model will prove sound and it will be around for a long time to come.  Right now, I’ve got April 29 circled on my calender for Vincent LaForet’s class.

Chase Jarvis Trade Secrets


Trade Secret Cards has partnered with Chase Jarvis to produce a set of 22 cards that take killer images from Chase’s portfolio and couple them with a detailed “how-to” containing an explanation, diagrams and gear.

They’ve produced a run of 5000 sets of the 22 cards, which cost $21.95 per set.  Chase mentioned on his blog that he gets 10% of the purchase price; however, he’s elected to put that money back into the photo community and has given his community of followers the power to help decide how that money is spent.

You can order them at

You can keep track of Chase Jarvis at

Get $100K for 140 Seconds of Your Time

Here’s a cool contest with some really cool folks involved.

Nikon is giving away $100,000 for a 140 second video about your day.  The theme is “A Day through Your Lens.”  The above video is Rainn Wilson’s hilarious take on the concept.

Of course, Nikon is promoting the capabilities of its D-Movie function on several of its DSLRs like the D300s, D3s, D5000 and D90; however, the contest is open to anyone shooting with any kind of gear.  Kudos to Nikon on that.

The winner will be chosen by pioneering photographer and filmmaker Chase Jarvis actor Rainn Wilson from NBC’s The Office, internet queen and actress “iJustine” Ezarik.  Chase seems pretty stoked about this.

You can enter at

Check out the press release below for full details. [Read more…]