CES 2013 Recap Video

CES 2013 was certainly too big for one person to cover everything. However, there are a ton of awesome things that a single person can see in a few short days.

I still have a few posts of product hands-on and new gear first looks to publish over the next few weeks. I was going through some of my video clips this weekend and decided to put together the recap video you see above. Every time I go to one of these shows, I always wish I had shot more footage.

What you see in this little 2+ minute video is only a fraction of all the gadgetry that’s at CES but, hopefully, you’ll get a little glimpse of what some of the photo and video gear presence was like at CES 2013. As always, Canon, Nikon and Sony had big and busy booths that were packed with reps and onlookers everyday of the show.

There are some other cool things that aren’t necessarily photo-related in there (e.g., AR.Drones, the Rocksmith video game that lets you play a real guitar on your Xbox or PS3, Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z phone, etc.), but I found myself ‘wowed’ by them.

If you’ve got any questions about something you see in the video, feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to dish out all the info I’ve got. Photography Bay’s CES 2013 coverage thus far can be found here.

Canon G1 X Hands-On

Canon G1 X

The Canon G1 X was a bit of a surprise from the only major camera manufacturer without a mirrorless interchangeable lens system.  While it doesn’t offer interchangeable lenses, the G1 X features an image sensor that’s bigger than the Nikon 1 and Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic and Olympus) cameras.  I had some time with a pre-production model at CES 2012.  Check out my initial hands-on impressions below. [Read more...]

Steadicam Merlin 2 at CES 2012

Steadicam Merlin 2

We stopped by the Tiffen booth to check out some of their new offerings at CES 2012.  One of the hot new items there was the Steadicam Merlin 2, which adds some functional refinements to the popular and original Merlin.

Check out some demo footage and a brief overview of the Steadicam Merlin 2 in the video below.

Apologies for the audio distortion. It wasn’t clipping, but rather failing preamps on the camera, which we later remedied by recording to the Zoom H4n instead.

Additional details on the Merlin 2 in the press release below. [Read more...]

Fuji X-S1, New X-Series Superzoom

Fuji X-S1

Fuji X-S1

The Fuji X-S1 is a new ultrazoom model that takes a place next to the Fuji X10 and Fuji X100 in the premium X-series line.

The Fuji X-S1 features a 12MP EXR CMOS sensor that is a larger 2/3″ format.  The X-S1 features a manual 26x zoom lens (24-624mm equivalent) at f/2.8-5.6 and 2x enhanced digital zoom, which Fuji claims offers expanded reach with minimal quality loss.

The Fuji X-S1 captures full resolution images at 7 fps and will record 1080p HD video.

The X-S1 should be available later this month at $799.95.  Check availability at Amazon.com.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Fuji SL300, S4500 and S4200 Superzooms

Fuji SL300

Fuji SL300

The Fuji SL300, S4500 and S4200 are a trio of new long-zoom cameras announced just prior to CES 2012.

The SL300 features a rubberized body, 14MP CCD image sensor and 30x zoom lens with a 24-720mm equivalent range.  It offers power zooming with zoom buttons near the shutter release and on the lens barrel.  The SL300 should be available in March for $299.95.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

Fuji S4500

Fuji S4500

The S4500 and S4200 feature 30x and 24x zoom lenses, respectively.  Both models offer a 14MP CCD image sensor, 720p, image stabilization and are powered by AA batteries.

The S4500 should be available in March for $259.95. Check availability on Amazon.com.

The S4200 should also be available in March for $229.95.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

Fuji S4200

Fuji S4200

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]