New Canon DSLR Coming March 25th?

I’ve seen this date in the rumor mill a couple of times now, and it now appears to be in full swing with a press conference scheduled by Canon for March 25.  No details on which one it might be, but popular opinions suggest either a Rebel series update (EOS 500D) or a 1D Mark III update.

Fire away with your thoughts or derogatory remarks (just keep it clean) in the comments below.


Canon 500D and 1D Mark IIIn Update

A short but direct post on POTN, claims that a “Canon Rep” mentioned a new Rebel and Mark III would be coming to PMA 2009.

I don’t put a whole lot of stock in third hand reports of what camera reps say, but as we close in to PMA we should start hearing more chatter about a number of manufacturers’ new products.

In the mean time, you can follow the latest rumors on the new Canon Rebel XRi / 500D / (or whatever it’s called).  Also, Canon 1D Mark IIIn updates here.