Featured Reader Comment: Praise for the Canon G11

The Canon G11 is a great little point and shoot camera, no doubt.  For those of you who may not have caught Craig King’s comment on The Rave about the Canon G11 post, I thought I would share it with you here.

The following comment feature’s Craig’s impression of the G11 and is unedited other than breaking it up into shorter paragraphs:

I’m a serious amateur photographer that started back in 1982 with the legendary Canon AE-1. I was the guy that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the digital altar!

In 2005 I started using the Nikon D 70 and got hooked on the obvious flexibility of digital. I really love to carry my camera everywhere I go, but as you know this is a good way to damage it and DSLR’s can draw the wrong type of attention in questionable areas!

I’ve been using the G11 for three weeks now and I’m standing here in total amazement at what I’ve been able to capture with it. The design of this camera simply lets your creativity flow. I have people ask me what am I doing different? I kind of snicker and know deep down that me and the camera are flowing together in harmony and the results are outstanding. I shoot almost exclusively in manual mode and I find this little powerhouse will let me blend settings to get what I’m after.I don’t push passed 800 ISO, because the noise does appear after that.

All in all I give it thumbs up and recommend it highly for the artist that isn’t wrapped up in technical parameters. Just get one and get out there and make it happen! One warning, your DSLR will start to feel neglected!

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Canon G11 Craig.  Discover more about this camera on Photography Bay’s Canon G11 Reviews and Resources.

Canon G11 ISO Test

The Canon G11 is the latest in a long line of solid compact cameras.  One of the big buzz features about the G11 was Canon’s decision to drop from 14.7-megapixels in the G10 down to 10-megapixels in the G11.  It finally seems like the marketing department has listened a bit to the cries from the prosumer audience who say that more megapixels is not necessarily the answer.  Canon has embraced the growing voice of critics with the launch of the G11 stating, “You asked, and Canon not only listened, but delivered big-time.”  So, does Canon deliver big-time in the noise department with the G11? [Read more…]