Reader Question: Repairing the Canon AE-1

Photography Bay reader, Rick, sent in a question that I thought I would pitch to the community here. Essentially, Rick has a couple of Canon AE-1’s that are in need of professional repair. For those of you who cut your teeth in the digital realm, the Canon AE-1 is a film-based, manual focus SLR. They are still quite widely available in decent used condition.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where he can send these camera’s for some affordable repair work at a reputable shop?

Fire away with your answers in the comments below.


50th Anniversary of the Canon SLR

2009 marks the 50th year that some version of a Canon SLR has been around. Take a walk down memory lane starting with the Canonflex above, which was released in 1959.

As you’ll see below, Canon launched the EOS 650 in 1987 as its first electronic mount SLR.  When I read this press release, I had to go get my EOS 650 out of my file cabinet and gander at it for a few minutes.  I’ve even got the original product brochure, which boasts “a super-fast autofocus system” – I kid you not.  I am totally busting out the EOS 650 with a roll of film this weekend!

Happy Anniversary Canon!

For more nostalgia check out the press release and images below. [Read more…]