Canon (Still) Developing Radio-Sync TTL Wireless Flash/Camera

Canon Radio TTL Patent Application

Canon has obviously been working on a new TTL flash system that works with radio sync triggering for quite a while now.  We saw a patent application for a Canon radio-triggered flash and camera system in August 2010 and now, almost a year later, another Canon patent application that advances this tech has been revealed by the USPTO.

And maybe (hopefully) this is a sign that it’s getting closer to market. [Read more…]

Canon 1Ds Mark IV and 1D Mark IV in 2009?

DSLR Magazine thinks so.

As published in our of our April 23, Canon shall, before the end of the year 2009, two new high-end professional models.

They go on to say that one of the models will maintain the smaller-than-full-frame sensor (i.e., the 1D Mark IV) and the 1Ds Mark III successor will be the expected evolution of its predecessor.  With the new 1Ds, Canon aiming stronger toward the medium format audience, which will entail even more megapixels.  Finally, the author points out a successor/alternative to the G10 will surface, around 9-megapxels though, with lower noise than the G10.

[DSLR Magazine via Google Translate via Canon Rumors]

No Canon 1-Series Updates at PMA 2009

Contrary to prior rumors of a Canon 1Ds Mark IV and 1D Mark IV coming out soon, I received a tip from a reliable source today that there will be no Canon 1-series DSLRs released at PMA 2009.  This person explained where the information originated and I believe it to be accurate.

Unfortunately, that is all the info that I can reveal while keeping the source anonymous, which I agreed to do.  I can say, however, that I still expect a Canon Rebel XSi replacement to be revealed very soon.