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Ricoh GXR

Ricoh has announced that it will offer a Leica lens mount unit for the Ricoh GXR system.  The new unit will include an APS-C format 12.9MP CMOS sensor and will feature a newly-developed focal plane shutter.  The Leica GXR lens unit is set to be released Fall 2011.  No word yet on price.

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The Olympus EP-1 has become an exceedingly popular camera. Besides the mass amounts of media coverage that one sees/reads, they’re very hard to get your hands on as the units move very fast. But besides being able to take pictures, this camera and its relative the Panasonic GH1 shoot video: good quality video too. One of the criticisms of the system is not having lots of lenses available for the system. That criticism is very, very untrue. [click to continue…]

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