Pelican ProGear S130 Laptop/Camera Backpack Review

Pelican ProGear S130

The Pelican ProGear S130 is a tough new camera and laptop backpack that is design to protect your gear at all costs. I’ve been carrying the bag for a few weeks now and absolutely appreciate the no-shortcuts rugged design. While the bag isn’t for everyone, if you need a bag to protect your camera, lenses and laptop from the abuse of rough handling and harsh conditions, the ProGear S130 can certainly do the trick. [Read more…]


Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Review

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of putting the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive camera backpack to use.  It started with a few local outings and then I headed off to PMA 2009 in Las Vegas to give the Streetwalker HardDrive a run through a couple of security checkpoints, storage areas on a few jets and a bit of jostling about the streets of Las Vegas.  Want to know how it held up?  Read on to find out.

The Streetwalker HardDrive is what I would call a normal-sized backpack.  It is about the size on the outside of the LL Bean backpacks that you see college students carrying around (or at least that’s what I saw them wearing 10 or 12 years ago).  It’s probably a little bigger than that, but it doesn’t appear to be when you are looking at it on someone’s back.  I think that’s a good I thing.

I really dislike carrying camera bags around in crowded public areas that look like camera bags.  Call me paranoid, but I would rather not advertise the fact that I’m carrying around expensive camera equipment.  The Streetwalker HardDrive is very unassuming as a camera bag.  It really just looks like another backpack – again, a good thing. [Read more…]