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VSCO Cam Edit

The popular iOS app, VSCO Cam, is now available on Android devices.

The app is free and includes 10 presets and 15 tools already built-in. Additional presets are available for a charge within the in-app store. [click to continue…]

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Camera Awesome iPad

SmugMug’s popular Camera Awesome app is now available for iPad.  The Camera Awesome iPhone app, which launched last February, now has 7 million users that have taken and shared more than 160 million photos. [click to continue…]

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360 Panorama

360 Panorama lets you take big panoramic images with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  It’s the free App of the Week in the iTunes App Store.  Normally, it runs just $0.99 and has a steller 4.5 star rating over 8289 ratings.  The free deal expires Thursday 8/9/12.

Get it here at the iTunes App Store.

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Aviary is now available as an app on both iOS and Android.  The app features a camera function, as well as powerful image editing features that allow you to apply Instagram-like looks, crop, rotate, add text and lots more.

At first blush, Aviary appears to be one of the better Android apps that I’ve used, although Camera Awesome and/or Camera+ should measure at or above Aviary’s features on iOS devices.

The app is free with additional presets available for in-app purchase.  You can find Aviary on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Faceboook Camera

A wee bit over a month since Facebook announced its plans to acquire Instagram for a cool billion, Facebook has launched its own camera app for the iPhone.  The new camera is aptly called Facebook Camera.

On the plus side, it seems rather quick and offers access to Facebook photo feeds if you are interested in only checking out the latest images from your friends.  It also includes a set of filters that will remind you of Instagram filter effects.   [click to continue…]

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Android Camera Apps

by on April 12, 2012

in Mobile

Android Camera Apps

The following post on Android camera apps was written by amateur photographer Erik HawkinsonLearn more about Erik at the end of this post.

Searching for “camera” on the Location Formerly Known as the Android Market (now known as Google Play) yields over 1000 results. Obviously, not all of them are camera apps but there are still a lot of choices of which one to use. I am going to evaluate five different camera apps I have used. Each has its place, but not all of them are what I normally have on my phone. [click to continue…]

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