Canon Cine-Servo 17-120mm T2.95 Lens

The Canon CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.95 lens is a new servo zoom lens for Cinema EOS cameras like the C500, C300 and C100. It covers a Super35 image circle an remains T2.95 through 91mm and achieves a max iris of T3.6 at the full 120mm zoom end. [click to continue…]


Canon C500

Canon has announced a free software upgrade for the EOS C500 that is geared toward more efficient on-set production workflows. The Cinema Raw Development 1.3 software is expected to be available starting in October 2014.

More info about the Cinema Raw Development 1.3 software from Canon: [click to continue…]


Zacuto Z-Finder for C300 and C500

Zacuto has released a new Z-Finder optical viewfinder for the Canon C300 and C500 cinema cameras. The Z-Finder delivers 1.8x magnification of the LCD screen.

It attaches by using a foam padded sleeve that slides over the LCD screen of either the C300 or C500. The sleeve is secured into place with a bar clamp. It also includes a unique monitor lock clip to keep the LCD screen from moving forward when the Z-Finder is pressed against your eye.

The Z-Finder for the Canon C300 and C500 retails for $485 and is expected to ship mid-March. Check it out here at B&H Photo.

You can see the new Z-Finder and other Zacuto C300 and C500 accessories in the video below. [click to continue…]


Shane Hurlbut is the cinematographer for the new Need for Speed movie. A couple weeks ago, he had a contest to see who could spot the GoPro footage in the trailer. The contest is over now, but Shane put together an annotated trailer that labels all the cameras and lenses used in the trailer for each and every shot (…and there are a lot of cuts in there).

Need for Speed Trailer

Along with the C500 and Alexa Plus, there are a few shots using the Canon 1D C in obvious tight quarters or crash cam situations. Notably, all the cameras are capable of 4K image capture (and were shooting 4K) even though the film was finished in 2K. However, the 4K frame gives plenty of room for reframes and stabilization, which makes sense when you’re shooting car sequences at 120mph. [click to continue…]

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Canon C500

Canon has released a firmware update for the Cinema EOS C500. Firmware version provides for the following modifications and improvements: [click to continue…]

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Ryan Connolly of Film Riot was planning on shooting a big-budget short film project, Outsiders; however, funding fell through at the last minute. Instead of hanging his head and complaining about it, he, along with his crew and actors, shot a low budget short with the equipment and personnel they had on hand.

Ryan worked with Seth Worley, who wrote and directed Plot Device, to craft the story for Proximity over a few days, which ended up as a 10-page script. They then shot the film on a Canon C500. Post-production was done with Adobe Creative Cloud, Pro Tools and Red Giant plug-ins.

Check out the 10-minute short below. [click to continue…]

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