Branded and Custom Bokeh Effects for Stills and Video

4 DSLR Custom Bokeh

4 DSLR Custom Bokeh

We’ve seen unique bokeh manipulations before; however, 4 DSLR is now offer the ability to order a custom die-cut bokeh filter of your own design.  So, if you want to feature your logo in your images or video, $100 gets you a branded bokeh filter that can produce some pretty cool effects.

Check out the video below. [Read more…]


Topaz Lens Effects

Topaz Labs recently unveiled its new Lens Effects plug-in for Photoshop.  Lens Effects allows you to apply depth of field effects and other effects to your images during post processing.  Lens Effects uses a depth map for fine tuning out of focus areas, which helps make the depth of field look more natural and optical-based. [Read more…]