Alien Skin Bokeh 2 Review

Bokeh 2 is a plug-in from Alien Skin that allows you to create all kinds of focus effects and vignettes.  As with other plug-ins from Alien Skin, Bokeh 2 is now updated to deliver full 64-bit support with Photoshop CS5 (it also works with Lightroom 3).  And, it is quite peppy even with my aging Windows Vista machine.

Software products often tend to get pushed back in the review cycle in favor of camera reviews here on Photography Bay, which is a bit of a shame for the cool stuff like Bokeh 2.  When I got around to actually putting Bokeh 2 to use, I was really amazed at the power that it gives you to take your images so far beyond what is practical when using Photoshop or Lightroom alone. [Read more…]


Alien Skin Announces Bokeh 2 Plug-in

Alien Skin has announced Bokeh 2, which is the latest version of its creative focus and lens simulation plug-in.  Bokeh 2 offers 64-bit support for Photoshop CS5, as well as support for Lightroom 2 or greater.

Bokeh 2 retails for $199 and is a $99 upgrade for Bokeh 1 users.  If you purchased Bokeh 1 in April 2010 or later, then the upgrade is free.

More details and sample images in the press release below. [Read more…]