What are the Top Cameras Under $500?

Canon 70D Rumors

We live in a day when fantastic image quality is available to everyone and at just about every price point. The market turnover on cameras is a blessing and a curse.

The curse being that it breeds GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). Of course, there are several blessings, including increasingly greater quality and, of course, used gear is available cheap on the second-hand market.

Now you, dear readers, tell us what is your pick for the best camera under $500. Use the comment section below and link to your source for the selling price.

Top Camera Rules

  • It can be new or used.
  • Instant and mail-in rebates count.
  • If the camera is used and part of an auction on ebay, the selling price must be realistically under $500 if its an ongoing auction (completed listings are ok too).
  • The seller must be a trusted seller, not one of the bait & switch guys that gets hammered on Reseller Ratings.
  • If it’s a SLR, DSLR or mirrorless, it doesn’t have to include a lens.
  • Old film cameras are totally fine too. Just remember you’ve to a $500 budget to get the best bang for your buck.
  • Link to the listing and leave a reason why it’s the best camera under $500 for you.

The voting ends Sunday night. We’ll do a roundup next week of the top picks.

[UPDATE: You can find the readers picks in Ten of the Best Cameras Under $500]


If I Had $1000 to Spend on My First DSLR Camera…

I’ve only got $1000 to spend on a camera, lens and accessories, what should I buy and why?

This is a question that frequently pops up on popular photography forums like those found on Photo.net.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Photo.net and its members.  It’s where I renewed my interest in photography, specifically “digital photography.”  And, I’ve asked so many questions about what to buy and read countless questions of others asking the same thing.  (I’ve really asked some dumb questions.  But the crew at Photo.net were very friendly and responsive to my questions.)

Now, it may not always be the $1000 figure, it might be $800 or $1500.  Or, someone might be trying to decide between a couple of lenses and flashes.  I’ve also received plenty of questions like this from readers of Photography Bay in the form of comments, emails and our own fledgling forum.  But, for now, we’ll stick with this budget and look for a good first DSLR kit.

With the holiday shopping season ramping up, many of you may be in just this boat, with a budget in this neighborhood, give or take a few bucks.  So, here’s the advice I would give myself if I were looking to by my first DSLR today. [Read more…]