Gigapan Epic Does 2,904 Megapixels at 2009 World Series

Bergman 2009 World Series Gigapan

Image Credit: David Bergman (used with permission)

David Bergman took a prototype version of the Gigapan Epic to the World Series Game 1 and used it to create an enormous 2,904-megapixel image from 675 photos.

David explains the process that he used to capture this image with a Nikon D700 and 400mm focal length on his blog.  For instance, the white band in the center of the image is from rain that came and went while capturing all those shots – the process took almost an hour.  You can read about it here.

Additionally, the entire image is on, where you can zoom in to see the faces of almost every fan and player at the stadium.  It’s pretty amazing that you can clearly make out Alec Baldwin sitting behind home plate (you know you’re going to check that out now…).

Bergman says he plans on capturing another mega-pano with the Gigapan Epic during the World Series.  Hopefully, he’ll get through it without rain next time.