NEXTO DI NVS2825 is a Powerful Field Video Backup, Review and Editing Solution


The NEXTO DI NVS2825 is a portable video backup drive with some powerful features. The NEXTO line of backup drives have previously been relegated to serving simple backup drives with some “kinda cool” features; however, the NVS2825 adds some file handling features that make it a most impressive tool for video professionals. [Read more...]

Data Protection for Photographers – New Book

Data Protection for Photographers

Data Protection for Photographers is a new book from IT author, Patrick H. Corrigan.

“This book explains current data protection and storage technologies in everyday terms. It describes effective procedures for protecting data, from capture to backup and archiving. Descriptions of specific products applicable to Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems are provided.”

Data Protection for Photographers retails for $32.95; however, it is currently available for $23.63 on

ioSafe Extreme Rugged Hard Drive Review

ioSafe Extreme

The ioSafe Extreme is a portable, bus-powered hard drive that is built like a tank.  It is available in 500GB or 1TB capacities with a 5400RPM spinning drive, or with a SSD drive from 120GB-600GB capacities.  The latest models are USB 3.0 only; however, the model that I reviewed was a FW800 with a 5400RPM 1TB drive inside.

The enclosure is a solid aluminum enclosure that matches up nicely with current generation Mac products.  Moreover, the aluminum enclosure is crush resistant up to 2500 lbs, while the available titanium enclosure is crush proof up to 5000 lbs.  Essentially, you can run over these things with a car and it will still function properly. [Read more...]

WiebeTech ToughTech Duo Offers Portable RAID Storage

WiebeTech has unveiled a new portable, RAID-capable hard drive. The ToughTech Duo offers photographers the ability to configure two 2.5-inch notebook drives as a RAID 0 or RAID 1 backup drive.

The ToughTech Duo offers Firewire 800, USB 2.0 or eSATA connections.  The new drive retails for $499.  More details on WiebeTech’s website.

Killer Drobo Deals This Week

If you aren’t familiar with what a Drobo is, it’s basically a dummy-proof backup device.  You don’t have to know how to configure a RAID hard drive array to use a Drobo, but you data will be just as safe in the event of a drive failure.  It’s a great device that a lot of photographers use.

B&H Photo currently has some solid deals on Drobo units, which includes the first time I’ve noticed a Drobo go for less than $300.  The prices are good through this Saturday, May 15.

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure for $298.95 also at Amazon for $292.51

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure w/ (2) Western Digital 1TB Hard Drives for $444.95

Drobo 4-bay Enclosure w/ (4) Western Digital 2TB Hard Drives for $888.95

Argraph MemoryKick Si

MemoryKick Si

The MemoryKick Si is a portable backup solution for photo, video and audio files.  It comes in sizes of 160GB, 320GB and 500GB and can transfer any kind of file from memory cards.

The MemoryKick Si also lets you zoom in and out of photos, view slideshows of your images, view RAW files and EXIF info from the images.

MemoryKick Si

The transfer speed rate is 40MB/s, which works out to a little more than 2GB per minute.  The MemoryKick Si retails for $300, $360 or $430 for the respective capacity units.

You can find the MemoryKick Si at B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Photo Safe II Goes On Sale

Photo Safe IIDigital Foci’s Photo Safe II photo viewer offers a way to store the photos you take on the road without bringing a laptop along. The Photo Safe II is available in two versions, 80 GB and 160 GB. Just pop in your memory card — it reads all popular card formats — and copy your your photos.

The Photo Safe II copies all file formats (including RAW images and videos) and keeps them in their original file structure and under their original file name. The photo viewer doesn’t make any changes while copying your photo files. The device can also funtion as an external hard drive.