Canon 5D Mark II Ships Tuesday, Nov. 25th

I just confirmed with Chuck Westfall via email that the Canon 5D Mark II will ship tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25th to US retailers:

Hi, Eric:

Canon USA will begin dealer shipments of the EOS 5D Mark II camera tomorrow, November 25th. Delivery schedules in other countries may vary.

Best Regards,

Chuck Westfall
Technical Advisor/Professional Products Marketing Division
Consumer Imaging Group/Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Expect those pre-orders to start rolling in by the end of the week folks.  The wait is finally over.

Keep your eyes on these links for availability:

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) – Ritz Camera – Still Taking Pre-Orders

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) –

Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm L lens –

Canon 5D Mark II (body only) – Adorama

Canon 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm L lens – Adorama

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Canon 5D Mark II – Pre-Order and Availability Update (Part II)

Reports are flooding in from the stable of photographers that have pre-ordered the Canon 5D Mark II.  It seems that the consensus is many US retailers will be getting the 5D Mark II this coming week.  I have yet to be able to confirm this with the larger retailers; however, I’ve seen many reports that photographers who have pre-ordered the 5D Mark II getting notices from their local shops that they will be receiving the cameras from Canon this week.

Here’s a rundown of some of the major retailers for the Canon 5D Mark II.  Out of this list, Ritz is the only retailer still accepting pre-orders for the camera.  B&H hasn’t taken any pre-orders that I’ve seen.  Keep an eye on them for launch day and see if it’s available (if only briefly).



B&H Photo


Finally, I’ve started a thread in the forum where you can exchange info and keep up with the pre-order status of the Canon 5D Mark II – click here for the forum thread.  I’ll try to keep up with the chaos as well and let you know where it’s available as it rolls out next week.

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Nikon D700 Available for Pre-Order

Nikon D700A number of vendors are now accepting pre-orders accepting pre-orders for the new Nikon D700 Full Frame DSLR. See the following links for their respective pre-order pages:

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Sony A350 In Stock and Shipping

It looks like Amazon has updated the Sony A350 to “In Stock” and ready to ship.  However, this only applies to the standard A350 kit with the 18-70mm lens.  The body only and the 2 lens kit still show a release date of April 25.

For more info on the Sony A350, visit Photography Bay’s Sony A350 Reviews & Resources page.  Also, be sure to check back soon.  I’ll get started on a review as soon as my A350 arrives.