Canon has produced yet another ridiculously high-MP APS-H sensor.   This time, it’s a 120MP CMOS sensor measuring 13,280 x 9,184 pixel.

Back in 2007, Canon had a 50MP sensor in APS-H format.  Of course, we have yet to see anything close to this megapixel count in any full frame or smaller sensor DSLR.

Of particular interest in Canon’s announcement though is that the sensor “also incorporates a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video output capability. The sensor can output Full HD video from any approximately one-sixtieth-sized section of its total surface area.”

Can we get a rumor check on that Canon 1Ds Mark IV?

Check out the full press release below. [click to continue…]

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Canon Rumors calls this one a sure thing, saying that APS-H is alive and well.  The Canon 1D Mark IV (or Mark IIIn, or whatever-it’s-called) will keep the APS-H sensor format (i.e., 1.3x crop) and should be around the 15-megapixel range.  Let’s hope Canon loses the quirky autofocus issues along the way…

[via Canon Rumors]

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