Canon’s Announcement Next Week Won’t Be a DSLR or Lens [Updated – Maybe/Maybe Not]

Canon at CES

Just hours after I passed along rumors of a Canon DSLR announcement scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, I received a tip from someone (who has a near perfect track record) that Canon would not be announcing a new camera or lens next week.  However, the tipster also confirmed there would be an announcement [Read more…]

Nikon Mirrorless Camera System Coming September 21

"Nikon in White" Press Invitation

While August was a busy month for camera announcements, it’s looking more and more like September is going to give it a run for its money.  A press invitation to a “Nikon in White” event on September 21 recently surfaced – an event that is supposed to reveal Nikon’s new mirrorless camera system. [Read more…]