Amazon Kindle, Fire Tablet and Fire TV Cyber Deals

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet and Fire TV Sale

Amazon has its host of products on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with some pretty nice discounts on what are already affordable products.

I’m a big fan of the Fire TV Stick. The interface is easy to use and it works well for Netflix and Plex, which is where it sees its primary uses in my house. I’m picking up at least one more on this sale for my house.

Check out all the deals below.

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Amazon Prime Day is Today

Prime Day

Today is Amazon Prime Day, which Amazon is using to promote its Prime membership benefits (you can get a free trial) with tons of deals (which Amazon says are better than Black Friday deals) across the different categories Amazon sells, including photography deals. There are several cameras and accessories already listed with several others sure to pop up as Lightning Deals throughout the day.

You can find all 0f the Electronics category deals (in which camera and photo deals are included) here on [Read more…]

Amazon Announces ‘Prime Day’ with More Deals than Black Friday

Prime Day

Amazon has announced Prime Day, a one-day shopping event for Amazon Prime members that takes place next Wednesday, July 15.

Amazon says that it will offer more deals than Black Friday (and it always has a ton of great deals on Black Friday).

Obviously, this is a ploy to get more people to sign up for Amazon Prime memberships. That said, I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years and have always been happy with my membership benefits.

Aside from the free 2-day shipping, Amazon Prime offers a ton of other benefits with free instant video, Prime music, photo storage and lots more.

You can learn more about Prime Day here on

I’ll post any great photography or video deals that I see next week on Prime Day.

Amazon Offers Free Unlimited Photo Storage for Prime Members

Amazon Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon’s Prime membership just keeps getting better and better. With Amazon’s announcement today, it makes Prime a no-brainer for virtually all photographers.

Amazon Prime members now get unlimited photo storage added to their already impressive list of benefits. The free cloud photo storage includes photos from mobile devices and computers. There are iOS and Android apps to easily connect to Amazon Cloud Drive (where the photos are stored), which is tied to your Amazon account. [Read more…]

Amazon Patents Studio Photography on Seamless White Background

Amazon Patent Seamless White Background copy

Amazon has had some pretty revolutionary ideas over the years. The Kindle is awesome. Prime is a great service. And drone delivery may be on the horizon. However, Amazon has gone a bit too far with one of its latest “inventions.”

Amazon Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of, Inc.) has legitimately patented studio the common studio photography method of photographing subjects on a seamless white background using a cyclorama and the USPTO actually granted the patent. [Read more…]