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Alien Skin Blow Up 3

Alien Skin is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is offering 50% off all of its software now through July 31. Check it out here on Alien Skin’s website.

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Alien Skin has released Exposure 5, which is a film simulation plug-in that works with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture or as a standalone application. [click to continue…]

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Eye Candy 7 Examples

Eye Candy 7 is a very interesting software package. It renders realistic effects that are not easy to create in Photoshop. Have you ever wanted to add lightning or fire to your images?

This software is meant for graphic designers, but as a photographer, I’ve been known to dable in the design of my own promotional materials.

Using Eye Candy 7 to add effect to graphics is easy. Just select the layer in Photoshop you want to add an effect to, launch Eye Candy, select the effect and tweak. Most of the effects need a shape layer to be applied. [click to continue…]

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Alien Skin Exposure 4 is a Photoshop and Lightroom plugin designed to give you the creative tools of film. The goal of the software is to give your photographs a more human feel with the ease of choosing a preset. [click to continue…]

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Light Leak After

Exposure 4 Light Leak

Following up on the preview of Exposure 4 from last week, Alien Skin has officially released Exposure 4, which is a plug-in for Photoshop CS4+, Elements 9+ and Lightroom 2+.

Exposure 4 allows for post-processing photos with a number of film presets, texture overlays, light leaks and more.  Check out the preview video below.

Exposure 4 is available direct from Alien Skin’s website.  It costs $249 for the full version.  Upgrades from any prior version of Exposure is $99.  Exposure 3 users who bought in since November 2011 can get the Exposure 4 upgrade for free.

More details in the press release below. [click to continue…]

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The above video shows off a preview of processing a glamour photo with Alien Skin Exposure 4.

I’ll pass along full details once the software is officially released later this month.  Exposure 4 will run $249 for the full version, or $99 for upgrades from Exposure 3.  If you’ve bought Exposure 3 since November, the upgrade is free.

Also, check out Alien Skin’s Exposure page for updates.

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