20% Off Vello DSLR Accessories at B&H

Vello 5D Mark III Battery Grip

B&H has a 20% off deal on Vello DSLR accessories through March 17. Some key deals include:

5D Mark III battery grip for $79.96

5D Mark II battery grip for $55.96 (read my review here)

Nikon D800/D800E battery grip for $71.96

Wireless ShutterBoss timer remote (for Canon DSLRs) for $79.60

Wired ShutterBoss timer remote (for Canon DSLRs) for $42 (a very cheap time lapse controller)

There are lots of other solid deals to be found for Canon, Nikon and other brands. Check out the entire selection here at B&H Photo.

3 New Think Tank Photo Accessories Released

Think Tank Photo Accessories

Think Tank Photo has released a trio of new photo accessories – the Low Rider Strap, the Limited Edition Pixel Pocket Rocket and the Pro DSLR Battery Holder.

The Low Rider Strap allows photographers to slip the split pad design over the handle of their rolling luggage and to haul two bags with a far lower and stable center of gravity.

The Limited Edition Pixel Pocket Rocket holds 10 CF cards while keeping them safe and organized.

The Pro DSLR Battery Holder is a soft, compact case for photographers carrying two pro-size camera batteries for either Canon or Nikon bodies.

Year-End Camera Deals at Amazon.com

Amazon is serving up several year-end deals on a number of products – including cameras and photography gear.

Lots more deals can be found on Amazon’s dedicated page for year-end camera deals.

Weekly Specials at Adorama

Adorama has got some great deals on photography-relate products this week.  The deals below come from an email that Adorama sent me with their weekly specials.  I generally don’t pass along these emails; however, several of these products caught my eye and seemed like really good deals, such as a Canon A460 for $99, a SanDisk Extreme Ducati 4GB SD card for $29, and a spare Canon 20D/30D/40D battery for $9.99.  Check out these and more great deals below.  I’ve sorted through the best ones and included links to the particular products on Adorama.

If you enjoy this kind of info, let me know in the comments to this post and I’ll consider making this a regular event. [Read more…]