Sony Image Sensor Size Comparison

Sony Image Sensor Size Comparison

Above is another one of the cool tech displays from Sony’s booth at CES. It shows the sensor size comparison for Sony cameras starting with a compact camera with a 1/2.3″ sensor on the right side and moving up to a full frame size sensor on the left side.

As many of you know, the full frame Sony 35mm sensor is found in the Sony A7 Series and the A99 SLT camera. The APS-C sensor is found in cameras like the Sony A6000 and A5100. Sony is using the CX Format nomenclature for 1″ sensors like what is found in the Sony RX100 and RX10.


Sony 4D AF Demo Videos

Sony A5100

The new Sony A5100 uses a technology that Sony calls 4D AF – meaning a four dimension evaluation.┬áThe frame coverage, predictive AF and tracking when objects cross the AF subject are all impressive features on Sony’s new AF systems.

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