Canon 7D Mark II ISO Range Samples are Very Impressive!

Photo Credit: ©Matt Granger via

Canon 7D Mark II at ISO 12,800 – Photo Credit: ©Matt Granger via

Photographer Matt Granger got some hands on time with the Canon 7D Mark II at Photokina and ran through the ISO range for some casual ISO comparisons.

I’ve got to say that I’m very impressed with what I see from the 7D Mark II thus far. ISO 12,800 looks great for an APS-C sensor.

These samples remind me of the jump we saw from the 5D Mark II to the 5D Mark III. I’m not saying the 7D Mark II looks as good as the 5D Mark III images. Rather, the jump in image quality from the 7D to the 7D Mark II looks to be quite the jump . . . and, maybe we’ve got an APS-C camera that can hold its own against the last generation of full frame cameras. I can’t wait to get ahold of one of these things now.

You can see the rest of Matt’s image samples (and see larger sizes) here on his website. He also has a short hands-on video on that page covering some of the improvements.