Canon 7D Mark II Coming During Q2?

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

New rumors point to a second quarter 2014 unveiling date for the 7D Mark II, with actual availability not until third quarter.

There are really no new spec rumors at this point; however, the launch timeframe has been consistent for almost a year now. The one thing about the specs, however, that has been consistent since early rumors of the 7D Mark II started festering is the video-centric feature set.  [Read more...]

Canon 7D Mark II Coming 1st Half 2014

Canon 7D Mark II

Another update on the oft-rumored Canon 7D Mark II points to a release date sometime in the first half of 2014. Previous rumors pointed to a second quarter announcement for the camera, so this latest update remains consistent.

A couple of key new pieces of info point to a price point around $2000 and its positioning as a pro APS-C camera. Additionally, the 7D Mark II is rumored to feature a variation of a new AF system from an unannounced EOS 1 Series camera.

See the below list of previously rumored specs. [Read more...]

Canon 7D Mark II: More for the Video Shooter?

Canon 7D Mark II

New rumors of the Canon 7D Mark II suggest that an announcement should/could arrive in the second quarter of 2014. Additionally, the 7D Mark II is rumored to be more video oriented than typically seen in Canon HDSLRs and that the camera would retail well above the Canon 70D.

These new rumors are consistent with what we’ve heard for months regarding release dates and specs for the upcoming 7D Mark II. See the below list of previously rumored specs. [Read more...]

Canon 7D Mark II Prototypes w/ 20MP and 24MP Sensors

Canon 7D Mark II

A couple of the rumors floating around for quite some time now have put it with either a 20MP sensor (like the one found in the Canon 70D) and a 24MP sensor (previously unseen). Now, a new rumor, which seems to make sense of these conflicting rumors, puts both sensors in various prototypes of the Canon 7D Mark II that are believed to be floating around in the wild.

The most recent spec list for the 7D Mark II with 24MP sensor is below. [Read more...]

Canon 7D Mark II Spec Update

Canon 7D Mark II

More specs have surfaced for the upcoming Canon 7D Mark II. Keith over at Northlight received a tip that the 7D Mark II will use a derivative of the Dual Pixel AF sensor from the Canon 70D that is optimized for high speed readout and video quality.

However, the video quality will be limited in order not to exceed what users get out of the Canon C100 and other EOS Cinema cameras. Of course, we’ve seen this recently with RAW video being unlocked in the Canon 5D Mark III and other Canon HDSLRs. So, this comes as no real surprise.

Additional specs include:

  • 12 FPS possible – target is 10
  • Video quality – ‘limited by marketing’
  • ISO 100-25600
  • ‘New’ AF system

Release date is still being touted as sometime in 2014.

[via Northlight]