Canon EOS 100D Rumored for Next Week

Canon DSLR Rumors

After yesterday’s word of a Canon press event on March 22, more detailed rumors now point to the smaller Canon DSLR being the EOS 100D.

According to the sources, two Canon EOS cameras will land next week on March 21/22 with one being this EOS 100D and no specific word on the other except that it won’t be the Canon 70D. Perhaps the other will be the next iteration of the EOS M?

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Smaller Canon Rebel DSLR Coming Soon?

Canon DSLR Rumors

Canon has been rumored to be developing a new DSLR line that offers and even smaller body than the current Rebel series. Whether they will continue using the “Rebel” name for this smaller DSLR series is an unknown. Rumored specs for the new camera include the same APS-C 18MP sensor as found in the Canon Rebel T4i and EOS M (it’s really a great sensor with solid image quality coming out of it).

Additional rumored specs below. [Read more…]