Canon 60D Announced

The Canon 60D has been officially unveiled. The new EOS 60D features an 18MP CMOS sensor, in-camera RAW processing and Full HD video capture.  The 60D is also the first DSLR from Canon that features a fully articulating LCD, which is a 3-inch LCD with a 1.04-million dot resolution.

The Canon 60D will capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 24p, 25p or 30p.  In 720p resolution, the 60D captures 50p or 60p frame rates. In addition to manual control for video, the 60D also includes manual audio levels in 64 steps, akin to the recent firmware updates for the 5D Mark II.

The Canon 60D should be available in September at an initial retail price of $1099 for body only, or $1399 with an included 18-135mm IS USM kit lens. Check availability on

More details in the complete press release below. [Read more…]


Canon 60D Revealed?

Is this the new Canon 60D?  It sure seems like a good candidate.  It also comports with previous rumors that suggested a tilting LCD – although this camera appears to have a vari-angle (i.e., tilt/swivel LCD) that flips out from the body.  This would add more credence to the rumored “optimized for video” design that we’ve previously heard about.  Although the aging 50D is definitely due for a replacement, I’m anxious to see the final specs and how/if the 60D will cannibalize the sales of the Canon 7D.

Fire away with your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Canon Rumors]

More Rumored Canon 60D Specs

More Canon 60D specs have trickled out of the rumor mill.  Canon Rumors received a tip regarding a closed-doors presentation of a pre-production 60D, which included an 18MP sensor (as found in the Canon 7D and Rebel T2i), a tilt display on the rear, and an overall “video optimized” theme to the new DSLR.

Of course, there’s no hard confirmation, but CR says that this source(s) has produced reliable info in the past.  Hopefully, we’ll know more soon.

[via Canon Rumors]

Canon 60D Nearing Launch, Confirmed by DxO?


Rumors of a Canon 60D situated in the EOS lineup below the 7D have been stirring in recent months.  However, what appears to be an unintentional leak at DxO adds significantly more weight to those rumors.

While I would expect this page to be updated soon to remove the 60D references, DxO has its “roadmap” for DxO Optics Modules slating the 60D and a number of lenses on schedule for support in November/December 2010.

That would be about right for a camera released in August/September of this year.

Look for lots more on the Canon 60D as we approach Photokina 2010.

[DxO via Canon Rumors]