Deal Alert: Canon 60D + Magic Bullet Bundle for $849.99

B&H has a killer deal right now on the Canon 60D for only $849.99, which is the best legit price I’ve seen.  The 60D kit with 18-135mm lens also dropped by $150 off retail down to $1106.99.

Both deals include a special B&H bundle of Red Giant Software, which is made up of Magic Bullet Quick Looks 1.2, Magic Bullet Grinder, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 1.5 and Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop.  The Red Giant bundle alone would cost almost $500 to order direct from Red Giant.


Canon 60D Review

The Canon 60D is prosumer DSLR with video capture prowess.  It sports an 18MP APS-C format sensor and a swivel LCD.  As the successor to the Canon 50D, it’s somewhat of a change in the natural progression of the xxD line of cameras.  A smaller form-factor gives it a more Canon Rebel look and feel; however, the video features and articulating LCD display take it up to and beyond some of the capabilities of the Canon 7D and 5D Mark II.

To see whether the Canon 60D is right for you, read on. [Read more…]