Canon 70D Due in July?

Canon 70D Rumors

The latest rumors suggest that we could see the Canon 70D officially announced and replacing the 2.5 year old 60D in July 2013.

The 70D is supposedly in the final stages of testing and units are in the hands of some of Canon’s Explorers of Light. Additionally, Canon is rumored to be in the process of shooting commercials and ad campaigns for the 70D at various locations.

If you see one in the wild, send some photos our way.

Previously rumored specs point to an 18MP sensor and more robust build than the 60D. [Read more…]


Magic Lantern v2.3 is Out and It’s No Longer Being Called a “Hack”

Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern team has released version 2.3 of its impressive Canon HDSLR enhanced firmware. ¬†It’s reportedly more stable and more feature-packed than ever.

Magic Lantern v2.3 represents an important milestone – professionals from all around the world are already trusting it for their paid work. We can safely say it’s no longer a hack, but it’s strongly heading towards a solid piece of engineering that you can trust.

We have worked a lot on bug-fixing and usability improvements and we sincerely hope you will find it a great companion for all your shooting sessions – from hobbyist to professional.

Currently, Magic Lantern is available to those users who are willing to make a donation of $10 or more. ¬†Beginning on August 13, 2012, it will be free for everyone to download. [Read more…]