Vello 5D Mark II and 7D Battery Grip Review

Vello Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark II

Vello Battery Grip for Canon 5D Mark II

Previously, I did a comparison review of battery grips for the Canon 5D Mark II – specifically, the Canon BG-E6 battery grip with third party grips from Zeikos (apparently, no longer available) and Vivitar.  My conclusion was that both of the third-party grips performed comparably to the more expensive Canon-branded grip.  As a supplement to that review, I’m casting the Vello BG-C2 grip for the Canon 5D Mark II and the Vello BG-C4 battery grip for the Canon 7D into the comparison. [Read more…]

‘Act of Valor’ Steps Up the HDSLR Game

Act of Valor

I waited patiently for a couple of years or so since I first heard about a Navy Seal movie Shane Hurlbut ASC was shooting on the Canon 5D Mark II.  I’ve read about how Shane lit night scenes with practicals, numerous mentions of his man-cam and helmet cam rigs, and how Zeiss lenses worked in tandem with the 5D Mark II for a big screen blockbuster.

It hit theaters yesterday.  And, I set out last night with a few friends to watch it.  I was not disappointed. [Read more…]