2.7x crop

Nikon Mirrorless Camera

It looks like the names and specs for the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera models have finally slipped out.  According to Nikon Rumors, the Nikon V1 and J1 are rumored to be the initial models in the new Nikon mirrorless camera system.

As previously rumored, the cameras will feature a 2.7x crop sensor dubbed as Nikon’s CX format.  The new cameras are expected to feature a 10.1MP image sensor and capture 1080p HD video.

Additional key specs are rumored as follows: [click to continue…]

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We may be seeing an entirely new Nikon mount next month.  Above, you see the lens mount of the Nikon mirrorless project camera, believed to be known internally as the X810.

According to Nikon aficionado Thom Hogan, the launch of a Nikon mirrorless camera utilizing a 1-inch, 2.7x crop sensor is imminent. [click to continue…]

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