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Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Canon 1Ds Mark IV on Canon Website

When I first saw this list for extended warranty options showing the Canon 1Ds Mark IV, I figured it was a typo since it’s pretty common to see the 1D Mark IV mistakenly listed as the 1Ds Mark IV (even on some of Canon’s sites).

However, this was actually a separate listing from the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark III, already in the chart above.  And, the 1Ds Mark IV listing was a different price. [click to continue…]

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This seems to be the most consistent rumor on the Canon side of the coin for some time now.  That is, we get a new 1Ds camera in 2011, while the 5D Mark III is pushed off until next year. [click to continue…]

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You had to know this one was coming, right?  For years now, DSLR manufacturers have been tied to wireless flash communication via  light-based transmission systems, which puts limits on the ability to take your flashes out of the line-of-sight of other flashes.  Of course, there are a plenty of workarounds – and there are third party solutions from the likes of PocketWizards and RadioPoppers.

But there has always been something missing with those other solutions.  Maybe it’s a little clunky to strap on those third-party devices?  Maybe there was some radio interference?  Something, however minor, just doesn’t quite function like the factory specs of the wireless flash system under ideal conditions.

A recently filed patent application with the USPTO reveals that Canon is working on a radio-based solution for its wireless flash system with transmitters built-in camera bodies. [click to continue…]

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Stephen Alvarez is at it again, adding more fuel to last week’s fire that the 1Ds Mark IV is being tested “in physically difficult conditions.”  Still no word on specs.

Stay tuned for more rumors and news as we approach Photokina 2010.

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National Geographic freelancer Steven Alvarez mentioned on his blog that he’s heard reports Canon has been field testing some 1Ds Mark IV cameras.  Nothing specific though.  So, just consider this a public service announcement.

Perhaps we’ll see a 1Ds Mark IV by Photokina 2010 to replace the aging Canon 1Ds Mark III, which has hit the bargain basement price of about $6100.

[Picture Story Blog via 1001 Noisy Cameras]

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Canon 1Ds Mark IV

by on October 6, 2008

in Canon,Rumors

There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and rumors of new cameras.  Hence the latest rumor of a Canon 1Ds Mark IV around the corner.  Picked up on the photofans.cn forum via Slashgear.

Rumored specs include:

  • CMOS size 36x24mm
  • 21 megapixels
  • ISO 25-12800 (expandable to ISO 10, 25600, 51200)
  • 69-point AF EAC technology (do not know what this technology) (TTL-AREA-SIR II AF)
  • Flash Sync Mode: 1 / 4000 ESR (X high-speed flash sync?)
  • USB2.0 and external HD transmission
  • 4 to 3 and 16 to 9 on the two show
  • HDMI terminal. External monitor may display LV
  • Continuous rate of 6.8 per second
  • 2 DIGIC 4 processing chips
  • 24fps and 30fps 2 kind of video mode

Also, rumors of two new lenses were included:

  1. The new 100-400L F4.0-5.6 IS
  2. The new 50/F1.4 USM

Credibility?  Unknown.

This is a flyer on its own for now.  Granted, the 5D Mark II really changes the picture for the current 1Ds Mark III, which is in some ways inferior to a camera that is about 1/3 of its price point.  Perhaps this is more of a 1Ds Mark IIIn than a Mark IV given the presence of a 21 megapixel sensor in the rumored specs?

What do you think?


2/10/09: 1D Mark III replacement will not appear at PMA 2009. Read more.

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